Thursday, December 26, 2013

HOPPY HOLIDAYS (or "Carpe Beerum")

Well, that title is misleading… it was quite a beery Christmas, but not particularly hop-centric.  Unfortunately, “Hoppy Holidays” is one of the few beer puns that works this time of year.
With only one week until January 1st, the beginning of my new Big Year In Beer, my biggest dilemma has been whether to enjoy new beers, or to “save myself” so I can ensure these new brews end up in my 2014 Big Year total.  My answer:  Live for today.  Or drink for today, more appropriately.  After all, once The Big Year starts, I’m starting from scratch so I can enjoy ALL of these beers again.  Why wait?  We now live in a world whose kegs have runneth over with a ridiculous number of quality beers.  I will have many problems in 2014, but unless I’m held hostage in an Applebee’s year-round, one of my problems will NOT be that there aren’t enough new beers to try over the course of 365 days.

I planned on an all-stout holiday, but family and friends had other plans for me.  Believe me, I'm not complaining.  A few nights ago, chilling with The Wife, we opened a few everyday stouts... "Everyday" meaning affordable and relatively easy to find.  At least in LA.   
CISMONTANE BLACK'S DAWN IMPERIAL STOUT has a new, updated label, but the brew is still the thick and viscous one I know and love, with a mild espresso shot for added character. One of my favorite, underrated SoCal breweries.  We followed with the MOTHER EARTH SIN TAX IMPERIAL STOUT, a new one for me (one I somehow missed when I hit the brewery in Vista, CA last Oct).  The Mrs pointed out the peanut butter taste immediately, which almost ruined the experience for me.  Yes, a thick stout with peanut butter and vanilla on the palate.  Talk about a dessert beer.  But somehow it didn't bother me, mainly because those parts of it were subtle, and it was still tasty overall. It wasn't over the top, cloying, and comical like a Rogue novelty beer.  It was nearly Christmas, it was late, I was relaxing, so I enjoyed it for what it was.  Would I buy it again?  I doubt it. Seriously, who wants a fuggin' peanut butter beer?
In spite of the fact that I'm working practically every day of this holiday season, my Xmas has been chock full of holiday cheer.  My Christmas Eve started out with my boss buying me lunch, a shot of Maker's Mark, and a GREEN FLASH WEST COAST IPA.  Proof that my work does in fact love me.  A few hours later, I was home with my Wife's family, who all somehow got the message that I like beer.  My presents included a mixed STONE 12-pack, as well as a few bottles of NEWCASTLE WEREWOLF, a beer I purposely avoided around Halloween, convinced it was a novelty.  But I was pleasantly surprised now that I've popped a couple caps.  I associate Newcastle with "average", but the Werewolf is a satisfying, dark red ESB.  So much tastier than I could have imagined.  After everyone left, I capped off the evening by popping the cork on a PORT BREWING OLDER VISCOSITY that I've been holding for the last 6 months or so.  I'm a fan of their thick, more readily available OLD VISCOSITY Stout.  The OLDER is a smaller batch cousin, aged in oak barrels.  If I tried them back to back, I'm sure I could tell the difference.  Tasting them months apart, I can't.  Don't get me wrong, the Older Viscosity is an outstanding beer.  I wouldn't kick it out of bed.  But at $16 for a 12 oz bottle, Older Viscosity is steep, considering I'm just as happy with the 22 oz Old Viscosity which is nearly twice the volume at half the price.  For that matter, the Cismontane stout only set me back $5!  You do the math...
  Alas, Christmas Day was finally here.  Our Son opened presents at the crack of dawn, we played XBOX for four hours straight, the wife & I shared an excellent BARRELHOUSE IPA, then it was time to get ready for our annual Xmas Day fondue party.  Yes, fondue... we're That 70's Couple.  Fewer people this year, but just as much food as ever (read:  "too much").  And whad'ya know?  Our friends somehow knew I was into beer.  Our pal Matty B. hooked me up with a mixed case of 12 different brews.  So awesome on its own, but so perfect for kicking off my next Big Year, so I'll sit on 'em for the next week, at least.  Not to mention, he's one of our few friends who has actually seen the film THE BIG YEAR, and watches it even more than The Wife and I do.  So, he gets it.  Then our friend Lily brought over five huge bottles, and she & I drank them all throughout the course of the day.  Matty and Gina B. brought some amazing wines, all of which I tasted, and all of which were consecutively more incredible than the last.  But these days wine just takes up valuable beer real estate in my stomach, and I had a drinking partner in Lily, so we were off to the races.  I left her in the driver's seat, and she did a commendable job of navigating.  
We started with the LA TRAPPE QUADRUPEL which was outstanding to say the least.  And that set the stage for an afternoon of the highest quality imbibement.  Every beer she brought was top notch, each one impressive in its own way:  OMMEGANG ABBEY ALE - a phenomenal Belgian style dubbel, the TELEGRAPH WHITE ALE - a witbier that is ridiculously more complex than any of its counterparts (but Santa Barbara's TELEGRAPH just can't do wrong, I say), the ALESMITH NUT BROWN ALE - I'm not the biggest fan of brown ales, but this one converted me... the best brown ale I've ever had, hands down.  And finally the TELEGRAPH STOCK PORTER.

The bottom line: CARPE BEERUM.  In English: SEIZE THE BEER!  But most important of all, good family and friends. Without having them around to share the awesome beer tasting experience, these braus are practically useless.

Much love and happiness to my family, my friends, and my extended family in the music and beer communities.  Here's to an amazing 2014!  Six days and counting... Get ready for the Biggest Year In Beer ever!


Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Sampling "The Best Beer In The World"!

So, there I was in the kitchen of Ryan & Kevine Harkins.  The three of us, along with Kevine's cousin Mike, stared in awe at Ryan's line up of beers to taste.  And then he really dropped the bomb, the unexpected crown jewel: WESTVLETEREN XII.  Considered by many to be The Best Beer In The World (no, seriously... that's not just hyperbole), this baby is extremely difficult to get, even when visiting the Trappist Monk abbey of Saint Sixtus where they brew it in Belgium. 
Beer bloggers and mainstream press alike wrote frenzied articles when this beer made a rare SoCal appearance within the last year at select stores, at prices topping $100 for six bottles. Needless to say, I was in a financial crunch at the time, and as tempting as the rarity was, I could not justify dropping 1/3 of a car payment on a six pack of beer.  The window of opportunity closed, and these days one empty bottle of Westvleteren XII has been known to sell for $50 on eBay.
Jump to present day, I'm in a kitchen in the funky 'burb of Eagle Rock, and my pals pull this wild card out of the hat.  A gift to Ryan from guru Dave Witte, he generously offers to split it between the four of us.  The cap is popped, and without warning it starts foaming out of the bottle uncontrollably.  Quick on his feet, Ryan assesses the crisis, and immediately puts his mouth over the bottle to stop the flow.  Sheepishly, with a full mouth of foam, Ryan says, "Sorry.  Oh!  But it's really good!" 

We all realize our solitary bottle of The World's Best And Most Unattainable Beer has just spilled on the cheap 1972 counter top, and we assess it's current value at $10.  No one volunteers to lick the counter. Thankfully, the spillage is minor, and we enrich our taste buds with this rare treat. 
Is it the greatest beer in the entire world?  Well, the problem with that statement is the overwhelming expectation of a mind-blowing experience.  Yes, it was an excellent Belgian Quad, and yes, I would happily drink it again if possible.  I have nothing bad to say about it, but if I’m honestly judging my favorites, I would not claim this as the undisputed, all-time Number One champ.  Sorry, I’m unrefined that way.  

Our beering adventures did continue with THE BRUERY OUDE TART SOUR ALE WITH CHERRIES.  I was in the company of sour fans, so I liberated this from my secret fridge to share. Tart, but crazily easy to drink. Delicious and smooth for a sour. 
We followed with the EAGLE ROCK STIMULUS WITH INTELLIGENTSIA COFFEE.  The whole coffee stout trend has started to annoy me, but this is a different spin…. A coffee Amber ale.  The perfect combo, I'm surprised I don't see more of these.  Admittedly, it is a coffee bomb, so if you’re not in the mood for a bean beer, this should not be your first choice.  Damn good.
The Eagle Rock Stimulus was a warm up for our group visit to the Eagle Rock Brewery tasting room.  Tucked away in a back building at the end of an industrial block of Frogtown, you would never know this place existed unless you’re specifically looking for it.  Once inside, the tasting room is inviting, comfortable, and non-pretentious.  My pal Melanie from Pizza Port was working the counter, and she & cohort Gio hooked us up with endless deliciousness.  Hands down, my addiction for that evening was the POPULIST IPA ON NITRO.  The standard Populist IPA on its own is delicious, but on nitrogen it’s a completely different beast… it maintains the hoppy bite with way more complexities.  I’m not going to bore you with stupid “tasting notes”.  It’s freakin’ bad ass.  

After 90 minutes, we were all semi-tanked, and acted accordingly… like spoiled, drunken infants.  While Melanie & Gio closed up shop, we barged  into the brewing room and improvised our own tour of non-expertise.... "So, that tank is full of beer that goes to that tank and then to that tank and that's how beer is made." 
The group tasting & visit to Eagle Rock was the pinnacle of a thoroughly boozy weekend filled with many new brews including:
*CRAFTSMAN HOLIDAY SPRUCE ALE – Awesome. This Pasadena-based, low-key operation never fails to disappoint. A spiced ale I actually like (which is rare).
*NORTH COAST XXV ANNIVERSARY ALE – Sadly, I found this one ordinary and non-memorable.
*SMUTTYNOSE RHYE IPA – Smuttynose on the West Coast??
*MONKISH BREWING CO. SHAOLIN FIST – A spiced ale that I didn’t love, although I love this brewery in general.
*BROUWERIJ WEST SAISON EXTRA – Strangely opaque and milky.  Looks like the albino cousin of an imperial stout.  Tastes like the perfume counter at Macy's.

But these two brews blew me away & I classify them as Exceptional:
*BAYHAWK ALES ZAPPA BREWS NELSON DIPA – Wow, what a treat!  I picked this because I wanted to try a new, local IPA, but it was so much better than I would have ever guessed.  Semi-skunky and perfectly balanced in the way you’d expect from a solid SoCal Double IPA.  Then again I'm a sucker for anything brewed with Nelson Sauvin hops.
*LAGUNITAS STOUT AGED IN RYE WHISKEY BARRELS – Sweet Jesus, what a beer!  I’ve never heard of a barrel aged Lagunitas.  Everything from this brewery is top notch , and with that said, this even surpassed my already high expectations.  Thick like motor oil, with a hint of coffee, and a ton of woodsy barrel goodness.  If this beer was a woman, I would have already asked it to marry me because I always want it by my side.
Sadly, none of these count towards my next Big Year.  But what am I supposed to do?  NOT enjoy amazing brews for the next two weeks?  Are you kidding?  Santa isn’t the only jolly, bearded, fat man in this household.

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Rules for THE BIG YEAR IN BEER 2014

2014 will be here before you know it, and thus, the dawning of the next BIG YEAR IN BEER. My first Big Year was a one-man quest for quality beer, and bragging rights to my final tally.
After making my efforts public, many friends have expressed an interest in participating. With multiple participants, I needed to draft some rules so there are no misunderstandings after 365 days of friendly competition.  I ran my first draft past my old pal Chris W. for some fine tuning, and made a few minor tweaks, but the rules below summarize the intent and guidelines of Beering.
I will be documenting every beer in 2014 on this blog, so other participants will have an unfair advantage by knowing what my count is throughout the year.  Based on the daily consumption of some of my Untappd friends, it's more likely than not that I will not come in first place.  No matter.  I'm sure going to enjoy trying.  *hic*

THE BIG YEAR IN BEER - Rules for Beering in 2014

*Mandate #1: Watch the film THE BIG YEAR. This movie is the basis for this competition. I just substituted beer in place of birds.
*Mandate #2: It is hereby acknowledged that Dave Witte will always win The Big Year In Beer, and therefore is given a "pass" on participating, so the rest of us have a chance to win (and by "win" I really mean "come in 2nd").  Dave Witte is recognized officially and eternally as Master Of All Beer In The Space-Time Continuum.
*Mandate #3: ENJOY what you are tasting. This friendly, rewardless competition means even less if you're not fully enjoying each taste. Focus on the journey, not the destination.

*The purpose of THE BIG YEAR IN BEER is to taste as many different, unique beers as possible within the 365 day calendar year of 2014.
*Sips and samples count. A full bottle or pint is not necessary in order to claim any beer towards your Big Year. As long as you truly taste (and enjoy!) the beer, you may claim it.
*Photos are not necessary. They're usually boring. And The Big Year is based on the honor system anyway.
*There are no geographical boundaries applicable in one's pursuit of The Big Year.
*Multiples of the same beer do not count towards your yearly total. Only your first tasting counts.
*Variations of the same beer do count as unique beers, and can be tallied in your yearly total.  If the same beer brewed in two separate countries is clearly unique, it is counted as two separate beers (Note: This may be challenged and debated by participants on a case by case basis, and is subject to majority rule). Stone Russian Imperial Stout, and Stone Russian Imperial Stout With Chipotle Peppers count as two separate beers. Bud and Bud Light are two separate beers. Guinness brewed in the UK and Guinness brewed in the US are two separate beers.
*Variations referenced above must be officially brewed and released by the noted brewery. For instance, you may not add your own spices to a beer you purchased and count it towards your Big Year tally as a unique beer.
*No cider, no mead, no miscellaneous non-beer may be considered.
*No root beer.
*Barleywine is considered beer, and may be included.
*Homebrews may be included in your Big Year, however, you must specify the first and last name of the brewer, where they brewed the beer (at least city and state), the style of the beer, and the name (if any).
*Big Year participants may be open, secretive, or misleading, according to their preference, throughout the duration of The Big Year.  However, all participants are required to submit 100% factual & truthful information at the conclusion of The Big Year.
*Within 10 days after the completion of The Big Year, all participants must submit a complete, itemized list of all beers consumed during that same Big Year. Lists must include the name and brewer of each beer.  All beers must be numerically itemized, in sequential order of consumption.  If applicable, the 500th and/or 1,000th beers consumed must be accompanied by dates of consumption; if dates are not provided, that participant shall not be eligible for recognition in those respective categories.  All lists will be supplied to a neutral party for review.  Chris Dodge will advise with contact details for The Reviewer at the end of the year. The Reviewer will determine the winners and announce the results. All Participants' lists may be made available for review at the conclusion of our Big Year.
*Recognition shall be granted to winning Big Year participants in the following categories:
   1. Highest number of unique beers consumed.
   2. First participant to reach Beer #500 (if date is provided).
   3. First participant to reach Beer #1,000 (if date is provided).
   4. Special recognition may be awarded to an individual with a particularly unique accomplishment or item on their list (subjective, based upon Reviewer's opinion). For example, Brewdog Ale served in a dead squirrel.
*Any Big Year participants known to falsify information about their Big Year will be immediately disqualified from The Big Year In Beer for life.


Wednesday, November 20, 2013

610 Bottles Of Beer On The Wall (or "The Full Monty")

So, my first Big Year In Beer is over.
Upon reflection, the beers on this list symbolize the major events of my year... Birthdays, holidays, surgery, trips to Seattle, Baltimore, Austin, Chicago...
Beer is life.

*WORST BEER OF THE YEAR:  Hands down, this dishonor goes to the Rogue Voodoo Doughnut Bacon Maple Ale, which I took to a cousin's bacon-themed New Years Eve Party.  It's akin to the worst soda pop ever created.  My 10 year old son would love it, but otherwise I wouldn't wish this beer upon my worst enemy.  I didn't even finish my glass.  The entire bottle went down the sink.  Horrifying.
RUNNER UP:  In a very close second place is the Pismo Beach Brewing Co Diamond Pier Porter.  During a family trip to Pismo Beach for my son's birthday, we stopped in on this local brewery. We had visited previously and the beers didn't impress me. This time I opted for something bottled, rather than one of their taps. This porter was horrifically bad and spectacularly non-porter-like. It was actually very sour. Since sours are the latest trend, I suggested they stop marketing this as a Porter, and market it as a Sour.  Instead of the world's worst Porter, they could automatically be on the cutting edge of the local beer scene just by relabeling it.  The only upside of this place is they make their own root beer, which is excellent, and my son's favorite.

*BEST BEER OF THE YEAR:  Impossible to pick one since the bar has been set so incredibly high these days.  But a handful of my top picks for the year are: 
- Sound Brewery Ursus Spelaeus Stout: Randomly picked up on a family trip to Seattle.
- Jackie O's Bourbon Barrel Dark Apparition: Dave Witte brought this out from the East Coast to share when Municipal Waste was on tour with Exodus.
- Avery Brewing Uncle Jacob's Stout: One of many highlights of the Blue Palms 5th Anniversary tasting party.
- Three Floyds Moloko Milk Stout: Courtesy of Barnaby Struve, who graciously drove me around Chicago for three days, and spoiled me with every superior Three Floyds brew.
- Pizza Port Carlsbad At-tri-tion Imperial IPA: I ventured to this Port location on my own while spending a week in Oceanside with my Dad, recovering from surgery.
- Cigar City 110K+OT - 6th Batch Stout: Generously shipped from the East Coast by Mr. Witte, and shared at home during a visit with my old friend of 27-or-so years, Chris W.
- Firestone 15 XV Anniversary Ale: The highlight of many incredible ales shared with my Wife last month at the Firestone Barrelworks room.

Here's the entire list, in sequential order.
11/16/12 through 11/15/13. 
365 days.
610 different beers.

I'm starting again 1/1/14.  And I'm going to obliterate this year's tally.


1 Burning Bush Smoked IPA Golden Road Brewing
2 El Hefe Añejo Golden Road Brewing
3 Humulus Lager The Bruery
4 The Citizen Cismontane Brewing Co
5 Baba Organic Black Lager Uinta Brewing Company
6 Citrafuge Kinetic Brewing Company
7 Rugbrød The Bruery
8 Samurai Great Divide Brewing Co
9 Hoss Great Divide Brewing Co
10 Stille Nacht Brouwerij De Dolle Brouwers
11 Rosée d’Hibiscus Brasserie Dieu du Ciel
12 Gonzo Imperial Porter Flying Dog Brewery
13 Extra Export Stout Brouwerij De Dolle Brouwers
14 Mad Meg Jester King Brewery
15 24th Street Pale Ale Strand Brewing Co
16 Hefeweizen Golden Road Brewing
17 Rustic Rye IPA Bootlegger's Brewery
18 Point The Way IPA Golden Road Brewing
19 Captain Stout Alpine Beer Company
20 Samuel Adams Winter Lager Boston Beer Company (Samuel Adams)
21 Miles Davis' Bitches Brew Dogfish Head 
22 Stone IPA Stone Brewing Co. 
23 Farmhouse Pumpkin Hardywood Park Craft Brewery
24 Noserider Double IPA Port Brewing
25 Arrogant Bastard Ale Stone Brewing Co. 
26 Tart of Darkness (2012) The Bruery
27 Dead Santa Cismontane Brewing Co
28 The Gauntlet Iron Fist Brewing Co.
29 Darkness (2012) Surly Brewing Company
30 Lukcy Basartd Ale Stone Brewing Co. 
31 Samuel Adams Dark Depths Boston Beer Company (Samuel Adams)
32 Hurricane Deck Figueroa Mountain Brewing Co.
33 805 Blonde Firestone Walker Brewing Company
34 DBA (Double Barrel Ale) Firestone Walker Brewing Company
35 Diamond Pier Porter Pismo Beach Brewing Company
36 Shallow Grave Heretic Brewing Co
37 Hoppy Poppy IPA Figueroa Mountain Brewing Co.
38 Scythe & Sickle Brewery Ommegang
39 Samuel Adams Third Voyage Boston Beer Company (Samuel Adams)
40 Evil Twin / Stillwater / Stone "The Perfect Crime" Black Smoked Saison Stone / Evil Twin / Stillwater collaboration 
41 75 Minute IPA Dogfish Head 
42 Stock Porter Telegraph Brewing Company
43 Black's Dawn Cismontane Brewing Co
44 Spring 2012 Biere De Mars Almanac
45 Wildeman Farmhouse IPA Flying Dog Brewery
46 Samuel Adams Verloren Gose Boston Beer Company (Samuel Adams)
47 Stout Sierra Nevada Brewing Co.
48 Wookey Jack Firestone Walker Brewing Company
49 Old Chico Brand Crystal Wheat Sierra Nevada Brewing Co.
50 Trader Joe's Vintage Ale (2012) Unibroue
51 Wet Surly Brewing Company
52 Hazelnut Brown Nectar Rogue Ales
53 Turbodog Abita Brewing Company
54 Hop Notch IPA Uinta Brewing Company
55 Hopus Brasserie Lefebvre
56 He'Brew Genesis Dry Hopped Session Ale Shmaltz Brewing Company
57 Stone 12.12.12 Vertical Epic Ale Stone Brewing Co. 
58 Narwhal Imperial Stout (2012) Sierra Nevada Brewing Co.
59 Wild Turkey Bourbon Barrel Stout Anderson Valley Brewing Company
60 Mephistopheles' Stout Avery Brewing Co
61 Santa's Little Helper Port Brewing
62 Double IPA Hangar 24 
63 Black Phoenix Bootlegger's Brewery
64 West Coast IPA Green Flash Brewing Co.
65 Dale's Pale Ale Oskar Blues Brewery
66 Furious Surly Brewing Company
67 Voodoo Doughnut Bacon Maple Ale Rogue Ales
68 Go Team! The Bruery
69 Pliny the Elder Russian River Brewing Company
70 Deciduous IPA Cismontane Brewing Co
71 White Oak The Bruery
72 Boatswain H.L.V. Ale Rhinelander Brewing Company
73 Sculpin IPA Ballast Point Brewing & Spirits
74 Indra Kunindra Ballast Point Brewing & Spirits
75 Provisions Series: Old Richland The Bruery
76 1500 Pale Ale Drake's Brewing Co
77 Deviant Dale's Oskar Blues Brewery
78 Holy Jim Falls Cismontane Brewing Co
79 Oso Barrel Aged English Porter Cismontane Brewing Co
80 Double Down Double IPA Rock Bottom Brewery (La Jolla)
81 Hop Bomb Rock Bottom Brewery (La Jolla)
82 Revolution Eagle Rock Brewery
83 Raging Bitch Belgian IPA Flying Dog Brewery
84 Big Eye IPA Ballast Point Brewing & Spirits
85 Orabelle Great Divide Brewing Co
86 Stupid Stout Coronado Brewing Co
87 Blind Pig IPA Russian River Brewing Company
88 Avec Les Bons Voeux Brasserie Dupont
89 Voortrust Brouwerij Van Den Bossche
90 Buffalo Stout Brouwerij Van Den Bossche
91 Klokke Roeland Brouwerij Van Steenberge
92 Descend Black IPA Wiens Brewing
93 Red Barn Ale The Lost Abbey
94 Belgian Style Yeti Great Divide Brewing Co
95 BPA (Belgian-Style Pale Ale) Brewery Ommegang
96 Victory at Sea Coffee Vanilla Imperial Porter Ballast Point Brewing & Spirits
97 IPA Caldera Brewing
98 Anniversary Ale Port Brewing
99 Monkshine Organic Belgian Style Golden Ale Uinta Brewing Company
100 Islander IPA Coronado Brewing Co
101 Drakonic Drake's Brewing Co
102 Mischief The Bruery
103 100 Rubles On Oak Haven Brewing
104 Imperial Rebellion Iron Fist Brewing Co.
105 Coedo / Ballast Point - West to East IPA Kyodo Shoji COEDO Brewery
106 Hoptonic IPA Smog City Brewing
107 Smoking' Santiago Scotch Ale Cismontane Brewing Co
108 Hopfix Beer Here
109 Palm Royale Brouwerij Palm
110 1903 Lager Craftsman Brewing Company
111 90 Minute IPA (2012) Dogfish Head 
112 Muffin Top Clown Shoes
113 Blaecorn Unidragon Clown Shoes
114 Stone Imperial Russian Stout (2012) Stone Brewing Co. 
115 Stone Mixtape Ale vol.2 - CH & HS's Blend Stone Brewing Co. 
116 Stone Mixtape Ale vol.3 - Belong to Where You Are, the Neighborhood Blend Stone Brewing Co. 
117 Row 2, Hill 56 Russian River Brewing Company
118 1st Anniversary Beer Green Flash Brewing Co.
119 Winter Weisse Craftsman Brewing Company
120 Acorn Saison Craftsman Brewing Company
121 Friendship Brew Green Flash Brewing Co.
122 Session Saison Cismontane Brewing Co
123 Enjoy By 04.01.13 IPA Stone Brewing Co. 
124 Cataclysm Imperial Oatmeal IPA Ladyface Alehouse and Brasserie
125 Truth Or Dare Ladyface Alehouse and Brasserie
126 3rd Anniversary Ale Ladyface Alehouse and Brasserie
127 It's Not Always Sunny In L.A. Golden Road Brewing
128 Atticus Strand Brewing Co
129 Tower 10 IPA Karl Strauss Brewing Company
130 The Big Le "Brah" Ski Golden Road Brewing
131 Aunt Sally's Pale Ale Golden Road Brewing
132 Immaculate IPA Abbey Brewing Co.
133 Father Theodore's Imperial Stout Abbey Brewing Co.
134 Idiot IPA Coronado Brewing Co
135 Alpine Ale Alpine Beer Company
136 Hop Odyssey Black IPA Green Flash Brewing Co.
137 Double Daddy Imperial IPA Speakeasy Ales and Lagers
138 Unfiltered DBA (Double Barrel Ale) Firestone Walker Brewing Company
139 Double Vision (2013) Grand Teton Brewing
140 Golden Chaos Bootlegger's Brewery
141 Bourbon Barrel Cavatica Stout Fort George Brewery
142 Rude Parrot IPA 7 Seas Brewing
143 Space Dust IPA Elysian Brewing Co
144 Captain Munson's IPA American Brewing Company
145 Imperial Stout Silver City Brewery
146 Apocalypse IPA 10 Barrel Brewing Company
147 India Pale Ale Engine House No. 9
148 Bourbon Barrel Stout Engine House No. 9
149 Black Friday CDA Gigantic Brewing Company
150 IPA The Pike Brewing Company
151 Anniversary Party Time!!! Epic Ales (Washington)
152 Ursus Spelaeus Sound Brewery
153 The End of Reason Gigantic Brewing Company
154 Ballz Deep 7 Seas Brewing
155 Bete Blanche Elysian Brewing Co
156 Breakfast Porter Terminal Gravity Brewing
157 Gigantic IPA Gigantic Brewing Company
158 Jupiter Sundowner Brewery
159 Nut Brown Ale AleSmith Brewing
160 Grand Cru Triple Voodoo Brewing
161 Lil Devil AleSmith Brewing
162 Sailor Stout Sundowner Brewery
163 Chesebro IPA Ladyface Alehouse and Brasserie
164 Trois Filles Tripel Ladyface Alehouse and Brasserie
165 Blind Ambition Ladyface Alehouse and Brasserie
166 Damnation Russian River Brewing Company
167 Golden Monkey Victory Brewing Company
168 Old Stock Ale (2013) North Coast Brewing Company
169 Corona Extra Grupo Modelo S.A. de C.V.
170 Duet Alpine Beer Company
171 Nelson Alpine Beer Company
172 Bourbon Barrel Dark Apparition Jackie O's Pub & Brewery
173 Nero's 1st Century Birra Amarcord
174 Lagunitas Sucks - Brown Shugga' Substitute Ale Lagunitas
175 Gumballhead Three Floyds Brewing Co
176 Vampire Slayer Clown Shoes
177 Wolf Among Weeds Golden Road Brewing
178 Farmhouse Black Metal Imperial Stout Jester King Brewery
179 2nd Anniversary - Grand Cru Figueroa Mountain Brewing Co.
180 Rye XPA Telegraph Brewing Company
181 Dude Double IPA Oceanside Ale Works
182 Populist Eagle Rock Brewery
183 Blue Bridge Coffee Stout Coronado Brewing Co
184 Angeleno IPA Angel City Brewery
185 The Mesa Cismontane Brewing Co
186 Wytchmaker Rye IPA Jester King Brewery
187 Saturday Soda Haven Brewing
188 upRYEsing Haven Brewing
189 Sippin' Pretty Haven Brewing
190 Earth Thirst Eel River Brewing Co.
191 Pearl Necklace Oyster Stout Flying Dog Brewery
192 Black Robusto Porter Drake's Brewing Co
193 Extra Pale Ale Almanac
194 Rye'd Piper Ale Industries
195 Hella Hoppy Altamont Beer Works (California)
196 Cease & Desist (Cease) Berryessa Brewing Co.
197 Game Of Thrones - Iron Throne Brewery Ommegang
198 Proving Ground IPA Magnolia Pub and Brewery
199 Obsidian Stout Deschutes Brewery
200 Anchor California Lager Anchor Brewing Co
201 Tallulah XPA Speakeasy Ales and Lagers
202 Union Jack IPA Firestone Walker Brewing Company
203 Singel Hardywood Park Craft Brewery
204 Darts Away IPA Golden Road Brewing
205 Hudson Imperial Rye Porter Golden Road Brewing
206 Jolly Rodger Barleywine (2012) Drake's Brewing Co
207 Bushwhacker Cismontane Brewing Co
208 Naughty Sauce Noble Ale Works
209 Honker's Ale Goose Island Beer Co.
210 Hopoholic 4x IPA Knee Deep Brewing Company
211 Big Daddy IPA Speakeasy Ales and Lagers
212 Old Rasputin Russian Imperial Stout North Coast Brewing Company
213 South Bay IPA Red Car Brewery
214 Stone Smoked Porter Stone Brewing Co. 
215 Musashi Strand Brewing Co
216 Eraser IPA Rough Draft Brewing Company
217 Fireman's Brew Redhead Ale Fireman's Brew
218 Saison Diego Green Flash Brewing Co.
219 Undercover Investigation Shut-Down Ale Lagunitas
220 Urthel Hop-It De Leyerth Brouwerijen
221 30th Anniversary - Our Brewers Reserve Grand Cru Sierra Nevada Brewing Co.
222 AlphaDog Imperial IPA Laughing Dog Brewing
223 Velvet Merlin Firestone Walker Brewing Company
224 El Diablo Rojo Main Street Brewery (Lamppost Pizza) (California)
225 Imperial Balinese Stout TAPS Fish House and Brewery 
226 Hop Daddy IPA Main Street Brewery (Lamppost Pizza) (California)
227 Babylon Double IPA Ninkasi Brewing Company
228 Veranda Valiant Brewing Company
229 31 Kings IPA Valiant Brewing Company
230 Red Hill Red Tustin Brewing Company
231 Hopside Down India Pale Lager Widmer Brothers Brewing
232 Powder Monkey Heavy Seas Beer
233 Abrasive Ale Surly Brewing Company
234 Dark Hollow Bourbon-barrel Aged Imperial Stout Barrel House Brewing Co.
235 Imperial Jack 21st Amendment Brewery 
236 Rhizing Bines Dogfish Head / Sierra Nevada collaboration
237 Resurrection The Brewer's Art
238 Farmhouse Pale Ale Oxbow Brewing Company
239 Thundersnow Flossmoor Station Brewery
240 Endeavour Saint Arnold Brewing Company
241 Heady Topper The Alchemist
242 Charred Walls Of The Damned Burnt Hickory Brewery
243 UnderDog Atlantic Lager Flying Dog Brewery
244 Lunch Maine Beer Company
245 20 Oliver Breweries (Pratt Street Ale House)
246 Pumpernickel IPA Flying Dog Brewery
247 HellRazer IPA DuClaw Brewing Company
248 Tell Tale Heart(y) Ale Baltimore-Washington Beer Works
249 Mør Mør Brouwerij West
250 Barrel Noir Almanac
251 Lone Star Beer Pabst Brewing Company
252 Shiner Bock Spoetzl Brewery
253 Fire Eagle Austin Beerworks
254 Lost Gold IPA Real Ale Brewing Co
255 Pearl-Snap Austin Beerworks
256 Le Petit Prince Farmhouse Table Beer Jester King Brewery
257 Struise Ignis Et Flamma De Struise Brouwers
258 Commercial Suicide Jester King Brewery
259 Salt Lick (Censored) Jester King Brewery
260 Noble King Jester King Brewery
261 Ol' Oi! Jester King Brewery
262 The Highlander (Mysterium Verum) Real Ale Brewing Co
263 Storm King Victory Brewing Company
264 Leviathan Series - Baltic Porter Harpoon Brewery
265 Full Moon Pale Rye Ale Real Ale Brewing Co
266 Lil' B Evil Twin Brewing
267 Speedway Stout AleSmith Brewing
268 Mongo Double IPA Port Brewing
269 Coulter IPA Cismontane Brewing Co
270 Packinghouse IPA Packinghouse Brewing Co
271 Enjoy By 07.04.13 IPA Stone Brewing Co. 
272 YuleSmith (Summer) AleSmith Brewing
273 Once Upon A Time X Ale - November 22nd, 1838 Pretty Things Beer & Ale Project
274 19th Anniversary Ale Great Divide Brewing Co
275 Autumnal Stillwater Artisinal Ales
276 Pivo Pils Firestone Walker Brewing Company
277 Imperial Russian Stout TAPS Fish House and Brewery 
278 Longboard Island Lager Kona Brewing Co
279 Collage Conflux No.1 Deschutes Brewing / Hair of the Dog collaboration
280 Stone RuinTen IPA Stone Brewing Co. 
281 Deliverance The Lost Abbey
282 Electric Tower IPA Santa Clara Valley Brewing
283 San Quentin's Breakout Stout Marin Brewing Company
284 Sless' Stimulating Stout Iron Springs Pub & Brewery
285 The Frog That Ate The World Baeltane Brewing 
286 New Dogtown Pale Ale Lagunitas
287 Blue Frog IPA Blue Frog Grog & Grill 
288 Mt. Tam Pale Ale Marin Brewing Company
289 Hops Inc Haven Brewing
290 Lupulin Shake Ohana Brewing Co
291 Cher Ami Bear Republic Brewing Co.
292 Budweiser Anheuser-Busch
293 Tecate Cervecería Cuauhtémoc Moctezuma (Heineken)
294 Torpedo Extra IPA Sierra Nevada Brewing Co.
295 Leffe Blonde Abbaye de Leffe (ABInBev)
296 Grand Cru (Bourbon) Black Diamond Brewing Company
297 Ranch Double IPA Victory Brewing Company
298 Cucapá Chupacabras Pale Ale Cerveceria de Baja California (Cucapa Brewing Co.)
299 Angel's Share Bourbon Barrel-Aged The Lost Abbey
300 Gudeløs Bryggeriet Djævlebryg
301 Cascara Quad (Lips of Faith) New Belgium Brewing
302 Hoptimum (2013) Sierra Nevada
303 Monsho Monkish Brewing Co.
304 Belgian Independence Day Spiced Saison (2011) Brewery Ommegang
305 Amarilla Gorilla IPA Smog City Brewing
306 Blanche de Chambly Unibroue
307 Voo Doo American Stout Left Coast Brewing
308 Seizoen Logsdon Farmhouse Ales
309 Loakal Red The Bruery
310 Snake Dog IPA Flying Dog Brewery
311 IPA Lagunitas
312 Citra Session IPA Green Flash Brewing Co.
313 Black Xantus (2012) Firestone Walker Brewing Company
314 Solidarity Eagle Rock Brewery
315 Longfin Lager Ballast Point Brewing & Spirits
316 Buster 4 Coronado Brewing Co
317 Satanic Chimp Monkey Paw Brewing Company
318 Blue Palms IPA Blue Palms Brewhouse (Firestone Walker)
319 Pale Ale Sierra Nevada
320 IPA Marin Brewing Company
321 Old Viscosity Port Brewing
322 Rolle Bolle New Belgium Brewing
323 Heal the Bay IPA Golden Road Brewing
324 Blue House Citra Pale El Segundo Brewing Company
325 Diablo Dark Schubros Brewery
326 Double-Wide I.P.A. Boulevard Brewing Co
327 Curieux Allagash Brewing Company
328 Deschutes River Ale Deschutes Brewery
329 Galactica Clown Shoes
330 Belgian-Style Blonde IPA Sierra Nevada
331 Arend Tripel Brouwerij De Ryck
332 Solace Firestone Walker Brewing Company
333 Cabrillo Kölsch Golden Road Brewing
334 Aroma Coma Drake's Brewing Co
335 Epic IPA Mammoth Brewing Company
336 IPA 395 Mammoth Brewing Company
337 Double Nut Brown Mammoth Brewing Company
338 Real McCoy Amber Ale Mammoth Brewing Company
339 Floating Rock Hefeweizen Mammoth Brewing Company
340 Golden Trout Pilsner Mammoth Brewing Company
341 Paranoids Pale Ale Mammoth Brewing Company
342 Wild Sierra Mountain Farmhouse Ale Mammoth Brewing Company
343 Mojave Red Indian Wells Brewing Co
344 Mojave Gold Indian Wells Brewing Co
345 Amnesia IPA Indian Wells Brewing Co
346 Death Valley Pale Ale Indian Wells Brewing Co
347 Lobotomy Bock Lager Indian Wells Brewing Co
348 Schwarz Schaf LAB Brewing Co
349 Take Her Home Tripel LAB Brewing Co
350 Trade Winds Tripel The Bruery
351 Ebony & Oak The Bruery
352 Habitus Hess Brewing
353 Witch's Wit The Lost Abbey
354 Avant Garde (Soured) The Lost Abbey
355 Carnevale The Lost Abbey
356 Cuvee de Tomme The Lost Abbey
357 Octave Valiant Brewing Company
358 Fields Ablaze Valiant Brewing Company
359 8th Anniversary Beer - Surfs Up Symposium IPA Green Flash Brewing Co.
360 The Harlot Societe Brewing Co.
361 Hella Helles Drake's Brewing Co
362 Southern Hemisphere Harvest (2013) Sierra Nevada
363 Belgian Strong Pale Ale Ohana Brewing Co
364 Burns So Good Ladyface Alehouse and Brasserie
365 Café Racer 15 Bear Republic Brewing Co.
366 Barrel-Aged Midnight Special Ladyface Alehouse and Brasserie
367 Asylum Left Coast Brewing
368 Dry Diggins Prospectors Brewing Company
369 Chocolate Porter Hangar 24 
370 1st Anniversary Ale - Smoked IPA Prospectors Brewing Company
371 Simtra Triple IPA Knee Deep Brewing Co
372 Pathos Valiant Brewing Company
373 Sierra Nousi The Brewer's Cabinet
374 Black PussyKat Imperial Stout High Sierra Brewing Co
375 OMG IPA High Sierra Brewing Co
376 Seamus O'Faolian Irish Red Ale High Sierra Brewing Co
377 La Fleur Bravery Brewing
378 Temptation Russian River Brewing Company
379 Our Dark Secret Moylan's Brewery
380 Silver Strand Stout San Diego Brewing Company
381 Going, Going, Gone Saison Moylan's Brewery
382 Mash   The Bruery
383 Mash And Grind The Bruery
384 90 Minute IPA Dogfish Head
385 Eureka! Wit Angel City Brewery
386 Farmer's Reserve No.2 Almanac
387 Double Trouble Founder's Brewing Co
388 Truth Rhinegeist
389 Victory At Sea (w/ Molé) Ballast Point Brewing & Spirits
390 Speedway Stout w/ Vietnamese Coffee AleSmith Brewing
391 Two Hearted Ale Bell's Brewery
392 Lenzo Lollipop (Oak Aged Sculpin) Ballast Point Brewing & Spirits
393 19/10 O'Briens Anniversary IPA Alpine Beer Co
394 Uncle Jacob's Stout Avery Brewing Co
395 Just Outstanding IPA Kern River Brewing Co
396 Stone 17th Anniversary Götterdämmerung IPA Stone Brewing Co. 
397 Choklat Southern Tier Brewing Company
398 What She's Having Drake's Brewing Co
399 Beer Camp #94 Belgian-Style Black IPA (aka Sleight Of Hand) Sierra Nevada
400 63 Pale Ale Mother Earth Brew Co
401 Blackout Stout Indian Wells Brewing Co
402 Midnight Expression Port Brewing
403 Picnic Bubbly Noble Ale Works
404 Old Chub Oskar Blues Brewery
405 Fresh Squeezed IPA Deschutes Brewery
406 Pacific Pilsner Coronado Brewing Co
407 Clementine Clown Shoes
408 Stone Farking Wheaton w00tstout Stone Brewing Co. 
409 Pale Ale Saint Archer Brewing
410 Muis - American Wild Ale Phantom Carriage
411 Capt. California Black IPA Ruhstaller
412 Honey Saison Almanac
413 IPA Saint Archer Brewing
414 Total Domination IPA Ninkasi Brewing Company
415 One Trick Pony: Mosaic Epic Brewing Company
416 Dark Meddle Gigantic Brewing Company
417 Two 5 Left DIPA El Segundo Brewing Company
418 Spaceman American IPA Brewfist 
419 Apricot Ale Pyramid Breweries
420 Saison Tonnellerie The Bruery
421 Beauregarde The Bruery
422 Gilt Edge Ruhstaller
423 Chicken Killer Barley Wine Santa Fe Brewing Company
424 Toxic Revolution Three Floyds Brewing Co
425 Piraat Brouwerij Van Steenberge
426 La Trappe Quadrupel Bierbrouwerij De Koningshoeven
427 Pale Ale Full Sail Brewing 
428 Maximus Lagunitas
429 Newcastle Brown Ale John Smiths (Heineken)
430 Bourbon Barrel Black Allagash Brewing Company
431 17th Anniversary Coronado Brewing Co
432 Devil's Post Pale Ale Mammoth Brewing Company
433 Heineken Heineken
434 Porter Bell's Brewery
435 Commodore Perry IPA Great Lakes Brewing Company 
436 Alpha King Three Floyds Brewing Co
437 Moloko Three Floyds Brewing Co
438 Munsterfest Three Floyds Brewing Co
439 Permanent Funeral Three Floyds Brewing Co
440 Jinx Proof Three Floyds Brewing Co
441 Calumet Queen Three Floyds Brewing Co
442 Stiegl Radler Zitrone Stieglbrauerei zu Salzburg
443 Louie's Demise Milwaukee Brewing Company
444 Razor Hoof Three Floyds Brewing Co
445 Crowley Tears Rock Bottom Brewery (Chicago)
446 IPA Rock Bottom Brewery (Chicago)
447 Rocktoberfest Rock Bottom Brewery (Chicago)
448 Zombie Dust Three Floyds Brewing Co
449 Flat Iron Stout Piece Brewery & Pizzeria
450 Cold & Wet Piece Brewery & Pizzeria
451 IPA AleSmith Brewing
452 XPA Smog City Brewing
453 Flipside Red IPA  Sierra Nevada
454 Hop Cuvée Bison Brewing Co
455 Hop Juice Left Coast Brewing
456 Reutberger Josefi-Bock Klosterbrauerei Reutberg
457 Tripel Allagash Brewing Company
458 The Czar Imperial Stout Avery Brewing Co
459 Tropical Tripel De Proefbrouwerij / Cigar City collaboration
460 The Trooper Robinson's
461 Where There's Smoke Mammoth Brewing Co
462 BigLeaf Maple Anchor Brewing Co
463 Modelo Especial Grupo Modelo S.A. de C.V.
464 Superfuzz (Blood Orange Pale Ale) Elysian Brewing Co
465 Smithwicks Brown Ale Guinness
466 Stone Cali-Belgique IPA Stone Brewing Co. 
467 All Night IPA Angel City Brewery
468 Pomegranate Saison Angel City Brewery
469 (Not) White Nite Angel City Brewery
470 LABW Honey Ale Angel City Brewery
471 Vanilla Porter Angel City Brewery
472 Asahi Super Dry Asahi Breweries
473 Double Stout Green Flash Brewing Co.
474 Double DBA (2012) Firestone Walker Brewing Company
475 Beer Camp #93 IPA Sierra Nevada
476 Beer Camp #95 Imperial Red Ale Sierra Nevada
477 Oatmeal Stout Samuel Smith Old Brewery
478 Springhouse Ale Williamsburg AleWerks
479 Morning Bell Kane Brewing Co
480 Twenty Knots Williamsburg AleWerks
481 Fresh Hop IPA: Cluster Almanac
482 duganA IPA Avery Brewing Co
483 Café Royale Williamsburg AleWerks
484 Long Strange Tripel Boulevard Brewing Co
485 St. Amand Brasserie Castelain
486 DevESTATEtion Sierra Nevada
487 Hop Diggity DIPA Mother Earth Brew Co
488 Ante Up Mother Earth Brew Co
489 Sixty-Three Mother Earth Brew Co
490 Night Shift Coffee Porter Mother Earth Brew Co
491 Avant Garde The Lost Abbey
492 10 Commandments The Lost Abbey
493 Judgment Day The Lost Abbey
494 Devotion The Lost Abbey
495 Inferno Ale The Lost Abbey
496 Walkabout Stout Breakwater Brewing Co
497 Maverick's Double IPA Breakwater Brewing Co
498 Del Mar Jetty Breakwater Brewing Co
499 Dry Hump IPA Latitude 33° Brewing Company
500 Breakfast With Wilford Latitude 33° Brewing Company
501 Red Ale Barrel Harbor Brewing
502 Pilsner Barrel Harbor Brewing
503 IPA Barrel Harbor Brewing
504 Brown Ale Barrel Harbor Brewing
505 Dry Stout Barrel Harbor Brewing
506 Soul Sacrifice Aztec Brewing
507 Sacrifice Red IPA Aztec Brewing
508 Dos Anniversary (IIPA) Aztec Brewing
509 Noche de Los Muertos Aztec Brewing
510 Saison De Pablo Aztec Brewing
511 Cacao Chocolate Porter Aztec Brewing
512 Chipotle IPA Aztec Brewing
513 Verbena Pizza Port - Carlsbad (Port Brewing)
514 At-tri-tion Pizza Port - Carlsbad (Port Brewing)
515 Misty Morning Pizza Port - Carlsbad (Port Brewing)
516 Barrel Aged Night Rider Pizza Port - Carlsbad (Port Brewing)
517 Honey Pale Ale Arcana Brewing
518 Headbasher IPA Arcana Brewing
519 Bitter Brown Ale Arcana Brewing
520 Belle's Ale Arcana Brewing
521 Infinity Stout Arcana Brewing
522 Collaborator Dopplebock Arcana Brewing
523 Marley's Ghost Arcana Brewing
524 Coffee Marley's Ghost Arcana Brewing
525 Passionate Monkey Arcana Brewing
526 Blonde Ale Saint Archer Brewing
527 Saints' Devotion The Lost Abbey
528 "Angry & Wit" - Liberty Station Stone Brewing Co. 
529 Stone Mixtape Ale Vol. 7 - "The Hollingshead Blend" Stone Brewing Co. 
530 Stone ESPRESSO Imperial Russian Stout (2013) Stone Brewing Co. 
531 Enjoy By 11.12.13 IPA Stone Brewing Co. 
532 Decadence (2012) AleSmith Brewing
533 Saison Bernice Sante Adairius Rustic Ales
534 30th Anniversary - Jack And Ken's Ale Sierra Nevada
535 Fructus Propolis Brewing 
536 Farmer’s Reserve No. 4 Almanac
537 110K+OT - 6th Batch Cigar City Brewing
538 Homebrew Hefe Steve Enders Homebrew
539 Homebrew Double IPA Steve Enders Homebrew
540 Farmer’s Reserve No. 3 Almanac
541 Black Xantus (2013) Firestone Walker Brewing Company
542 Night Sail Island Brewing Company
543 Belgian IPA Island Brewing Company
544 Framboise Max Brouwerij Bockor
545 Little Sumpin' Sumpin' Ale Lagunitas
546 1664 Brasseries Kronenbourg (Carlsberg Group)
547 Pale Ryder Barrelhouse Brewing Co
548 IPA Live Oak Brewing Company
549 California Ale Telegraph Brewing Company
550 Mission Wheat Randy's Taproom
551 He'Brew Bittersweet Lenny's R.I.P.A. Shmaltz Brewing Company
552 Husets Ol Mork Viking Garden Cellars
553 Tart of Darkness (2013) The Bruery
554 Habañero Wheat Hot Shot Santa Barbara Brewing Company
555 Casey's Black IPA Santa Barbara Brewing Company
556 Saint Barb's Dubbel Santa Barbara Brewing Company
557 Bluebird Bitter Coniston Brewing
558 Noble Rot Dogfish Head
559 Blanche du Paradis Brasserie Dieu du Ciel
560 Essence Hangar 24 
561 Black Sap Mikkeller
562 Vessel 8 Saison Firestone Walker Brewing Company
563 Lil Mikkel Firestone / Mikkeller collaboration
564 Velvet Merkin (2013) Firestone Walker Brewing Company
565 Luponic Distortion Firestone Walker Brewing Company
566 Firestone 17 Anniversary Ale Firestone Walker Brewing Company
567 Firestone 16 Anniversary Ale Firestone Walker Brewing Company
568 Firestone 15 Anniversary Ale Firestone Walker Brewing Company
569 Firestone 14 Anniversary Ale Firestone Walker Brewing Company
570 Vieille Artisanal Saison Crooked Stave Artisan Beer Project
571 Barrel Roll No. 1 - Immelmann (2013) Hangar 24 
572 Surette Provision Saison Crooked Stave Artisan Beer Project
573 Batch 1000 Bryeian The Bruery
574 Green Bullet Green Flash Brewing Co.
575 Hop Lava Double Mountain Brewery & Taproom
576 Habanero Sculpin Ballast Point Brewing & Spirits
577 Walker's Reserve Porter Firestone Walker Brewing Company
578 Stone 04.04.04 Vertical Epic Ale Stone Brewing Co. 
579 Stone 06.06.06 Vertical Epic Ale Stone Brewing Co. 
580 Stone 07.07.07 Vertical Epic Ale Stone Brewing Co. 
581 Stone 09.09.09 Vertical Epic Ale Stone Brewing Co. 
582 Stone Farms Dandelion IPA Stone Brewing Co. 
583 Stone Witty Moron Stone Brewing Co. 
584 Better Weather IPA Golden Road Brewing
585 Torque Kinetic Brewing Company
586 Big Black Mariah  Noble Ale Works
587 Rio's Rompin Rye  Epic Brewing 
588 Trip XVI Seattle Farmhouse Rye Ale  New Belgium / Elysian collaboration
589 India Pale Ale Barrelhouse Brewing Co
590 Saison Blanc (2013) The Lost Abbey
591 Chocolate Oak Aged Yeti Great Divide Brewing Co
592 Natural Light Anheuser-Busch
593 Bud Light Anheuser-Busch
594 Founders Blend v.1 Ruhstaller
595 Autumn Maple The Bruery
596 Evil Dead Red AleSmith Brewing
597 Hudson Porter- Aged In Brandy Barrels  Golden Road Brewing
598 The Dominator IPA Beachwood Brewing
599 Low Tides Fresh Hops Pizza Port - Solana Beach (Port Brewing)
600 Low And Slow Rauchbier Monkey Paw Brewing Company
601 Blue Dot IPA Hair Of The Dog Brewing Co
602 Jubelale (2013) Deschutes Brewery
603 Black Butte XXIV Deschutes Brewery
604 Green Monster Deschutes Brewery
605 Class Of '88 Series Barleywine Ale Deschutes Brewery
606 99 Knots To LA Golden Road Brewing
607 Surfliner Ale Golden Road Brewing
608 Ponch's Porter Golden Road Brewing
609 Get Up Offa That Brown Golden Road Brewing
610 Trouble Ahead Red Golden Road Brewing