Monday, November 4, 2013

But WHY BOTHER keeping track?

For me, documenting each unique beer provides a sense memory that leads me to a specific time and place.  If I drank Bud all day, all I'd be thinking about is having another Bud.  Because I seek out unique beers, and because it's a big part of my recreation time & social life, I connect most of them with moments, either special or insignificant, but a connection nonetheless.

I opened the Surly Wet Double IPA on Christmas Eve, relaxing with my family.  A beer you can't get on the West Coast, but lovingly smuggled to me by my pal Dave Witte, and brewed by the super kind & generous duo of Todd & Linda Haug.

My wife's cousin had a bacon-themed New Year's Eve party, which we were able to attend at the last minute, so I offered to bring the Rogue Voodoo Doughnut Bacon Maple Ale, a beer I'd been wanting an excuse to buy & try, but could never justify dropping $13 for a novelty beer.  I didn't expect it to be good.  It surpassed my doubts.  By far, THE WORST beer I've ever had.  I think my 9 year old son would love it, since it tastes like a sugary soda pop for grade school kids.  No one else at the party drank it, and I didn't even finish my glass.

I held onto the Firestone Double DBA 2012 Reserve Series 001 bottle for a special occasion. I opened it as a treat to myself two days before my cancer surgery.  Considering how terrified I was of surgery and my health in general, that made this bottle even more transcendentally delicious.

So, yeah... in other words, I take this shit seriously.  It's more than just fun and tasty; it reminds me of  milestones, as well as just relaxing on lazy, quiet, perfect Sundays with my wife.  Beer is life.

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