Sunday, January 5, 2014

Beer # 14-16 / Day 3: Everybody's Burpin' For The Weekend

Friday night. Official start of the weekend. Time to party?  Not so much, considering New Years Eve was only a couple days ago.  With that in mind, we were content to stay home and chill out for once.  The Mrs. and I made dinner together, relaxed, and shared a few new beers.  I made mahi mahi, so I picked a few different bottles to see how well they would pair with fish.  Honestly, the fish didn't make it past the first beer, so I have nothing to report on that front, but whatever... it's bad enough I'm one of those dorky beer bloggers, it's not like I need to pretend I'm a pretentious Foodie as well. 

The evening was kicked off with ALPINE WILLY - Beer #14, somewhere between a pale ale and a wheat beer with mild maltiness.  Low alcohol, easy to drink.  The modest Alpine Beer Company is located in the remote small town of Alpine, CA, in the mountains east of San Diego.  Their Duet and Nelson beers are legendary.  This one is not a show stopper, but it's a good unassuming brew.
LOST COAST INDICA IPA - Beer #15, from the brewery that has been around for as long as I can remember.  I grew up in Northern California, so I used to see their beers around SF quite often in the '90s.  In spite of the embarrassingly outdated, '90s label art of Lost Coast beers, they are damn consistent in their brewing.  This IPA is a thick one, deep in color, and mildly hoppy, especially when it warms closer to room temp. Very tasty indeed.
Admittedly, when it comes to choosing beer, I typically gravitate towards American and Belgian selections 98% of the time. So, most UK beers are, with irony,  foreign to me.  My pal Matt Becker picked this out for me & I'm sure glad he did:  INNIS & GUNN SCOTTISH PORTER - Beer #16.  So complex, malty, and rich.  According to the label, they even added treacle, which is molasses.  Hell, aside from the movie with Sting, I had no freakin' idea what treacle was until now, but now I'm a fan.  This beer rules!  I'm not going to shy away from Innis & Gunn in the future.


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