Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Beer #80-82 / Day 14: Takin' It Easy

I had a big weekend, and I've got an even longer, bigger weekend ahead of me.  The band is headed to Baltimore to play this A389 Fest on Friday, the 10 year anniversary of this East Coast record label. A ton of my beer buddies are coming to town... Dave Witte, Avi Kulawy, and RJ Ober who also happens to work at Victory Brewing Company, so I'm expecting to be swimming in brews for three days straight (and I'm not speaking figuratively).
In light of these bookend weekends of heavy consumption, I'm trying to lay low and take it easy this week.  I didn't have any beer on Day 13.  Tonight, Day 14 (well, Night 14) was practice, so we met for our customary drinks ahead of time.  We bellied up to The Snug, and I went for some more ordinary choices this evening. 312 URBAN WHEAT ALE - Beer #80 is touted as Obama's favorite beer.  I'm thinking that man needs someone to school him on some truly great beers.  312 is about as average as it gets. Not bad, not great, it just "is", which is pretty zen I suppose.  But this beer is not necessary.  Likewise, next up was HARP LAGER - Beer #81, exactly what one would expect at an Irish themed pub.  Tastes like beer.  If I wanted to be super snobby and come up with "tasting notes", I couldn't.  It's freakin' "beer".  Like if you looked up the word in the dictionary.
I picked up an old standby, the FIRESTONE WALKER DBA - Beer #82 for practice.  We ran through the set twice, and cringed about how early we need to get up to make our flight out of LAX on Friday morning.  I'm already dreaming of endless East Coast brews, so our short-lived sleep-deprived stupor will be entirely worthwhile. With that in mind, I'm laying low the next few days.  Going to give the liver a rest, spend some quality time with the family, and show up to work with all of my brain cells intact.  Not to mention, I've received confirmation of three friends who are doing a Big Year In Beer:  Dave Witte, Randy Carncross, and Chris W.  And ALL THREE OF THEM ARE AHEAD OF ME!  I thought I was a baller at over 80 brews in 14 days, but my tally is child's play, it turns out.  Humbling to say the least.

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