Monday, January 6, 2014

Beer #31-37 / Days 5&6: Keep It Real!

Sorry. No wacky misadventures. Just a lot of time at home & work, but still making my way through a deep collection of 12 oz. singles to stay on my game.
Slangin' the bottles, and pimpin' the digits.
Keepin' in real, yo...
*GREAT DIVIDE BREWING TITAN IPA - Beer #31: You know it, you love it. A good 'un.
*BALLAST POINT BIG EYE IPA - Beer #32: Old reliable. Better fresh on tap though.
*CLOWN SHOES TRAMP STAMP BELGIAN STYLE IPA - Beer #33: Within a year Clown Shoes is freakin' everywhere in SoCal. Props to their distributor for doing an amazing job of accelerating this brewery's profile from Zero to 60.
Here's an exciting pic of beer bottles.   Wow.
*BRASSERIE DES LEGENDES NOEL DES GEANTS - Beer #34: Belgian strong ale that isn't much to write home about when its cold, but really opens up at room temp.
*MAUI BREWING BELGIAN STOUT - Beer #35: There's a reason Maui isn't known for stouts.
*STONE BREWING RUINATION IMPERIAL IPA - Beer #36: Yet another one for the Old Reliable category. Nothing fancy. You can find it everywhere. But hell, after all these years, it a fuggin' awesome beer.
*CALEDONIAN BREWING NEWCASTLE CABBIE BLACK ALE - Beer #37:  Another one much better at room temp.  When it's cold, it lacks any personality or taste.


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