Friday, January 3, 2014

IPAs with INFEST: Beer #8-13 / Day 2

Day 2 of my Big Year In Beer was supposed to be the day when I would take it easy.  But then Matt Domino came into the picture.  I play in a band with Matt called INFEST.  Because of the holidays, our usual Tuesday night practice was moved to Thursday. Before practice, Matt, Joe Denunzio, and I always meet somewhere first. Tonight it was Tony's Darts Away.  "All Craft. All Draft. All California." is their motto.  I love Tony's, and any beer aficionado worth their salt loves Tony's.  I was trying to dry out a bit from New Year's Day, so it wasn't my idea.  But I also can't say "No", when someone suggests Tony's. And when Domino is involved, there is no such thing as "a quick one".
The room was packed, as usual.  The only free tables were outside. It was a perfect evening, but in LA everyone breaks out their heavy parkas and mittens whenever the temperature dips below 64 degrees, so we practically had the patio to ourselves.
Domino waxes philosophical.
I kicked off the night with the ST-FEUILIEN / GREEN FLASH COLLABORATION BELGIAN COAST IPA - Beer #8.  A hint of that Belgian floral thing going on, but still a solid IPA.  Sometimes these beers served in tulip glasses can go over the top with the whole dollar-store-perfume smell.  This one was a winner.
While Domino dished up his weekly dose of Life Lessons, I took a sip of his EAGLE ROCK BREWERY POPULIST IPA - Beer #9.  Sweet Jesus, what a great IPA.  The last few times I've had it, I didn't want anything else.  One of the best in LA.  Mildly skunky, definitely a brew for Real Men... like guys who work with machinery.  Men like Joe Denunzio, who then made his appearance. This silverback gorilla of a human always meets up with us, but usually doesn't drink before practice, but tonight was the exception.
My second round was the NOBLE ALE WORKS BIG WHIG IPA - Beer #10, another well-done, SoCal IPA.  This Anaheim operation has really been stepping it up across the board lately.  I'd pick this any day, if I could find it more regularly.
I helped myself to a taste of Joe's GOLDEN ROAD BREWING GET UP OFFA THAT BROWN - Beer #11.  This is his go-to beer at Tony's. In general, I don't love brown ales, but this one has made me a believer in recent years.
North Hollywood: the center of sadness
As the time approached 9pm, clearly we needed to get to practice quickly before drummer Bob "Crazy Legs" Kasitz decided to lock the door and teach us a lesson for being late.  Somehow, we took the long way to Casa de Crazy Legs, and ended up stopping yet again.  The evening had degenerated from The Raddest Beer Pub On Earth to The Saddest Liquor Store On Earth.  Somewhere in North Hollywood, and exactly what you would expect from a random liquor store in North Hollywood.  Sad.  Lonely.  Depressing.  An outpost for the dregs of humanity... so, of course, we were there. But like most sad liquor stores nowadays, they actually carry a few decent beers. I opted for the bomber of FIRESTONE UNION JACK IPA - Beer #13.
World's Shittiest Beer.  Confirmed.
We finally arrived at our destination, and Bob was uncharacteristically not pissed off at us. We set up, and before I had a chance to crack the Union Jack, I had a taste of Matt's ANHEUSER-BUSCH BUD LIGHT & CLAMATO CHELADA - Beer #12, a blend of three things I would never willingly drink... Bud Light, clam juice, tomato juice. I didn't like it before, and my dislike has not subsided.  Honestly, I could never drink an entire can of this, especially a tall can.  Then again, I don't like bloody mary's, and this is the beer equivalent.  These guys love it.  Clearly there's no accounting for taste, or lack thereof.  Speaking of "no taste", it was finally time for practice....


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  1. What is an example of a Domino life lesson? Inquiring minds want to know. Jeff has been into that Green Flash lately. It's hard to find up here.